Living through Eating for your Best Life

50 days and counting…

Time flies so quickly when you are having fun…I can’t believe in less than 2 months I will be basking in the Mexican sun tanning my buns ;0

I actually got really anxious about having to wear a bikini…eeks…the visual makes me feel uncomfortable….what am I going to do?? I don’t look the way I would like to and I know dieting doesn’t work or last for me. So I thought about it all day and I told myself you always have the choice to be happy,your spirit is always there….do and eat what feels right and natural to YOU! 

I take deep breaths in the morning before getting out of bed. I laugh everyday. I kiss the 2 most precious faces 3 times a day. It’s a start 🙂


Bad Blogger

I’m not a very good blogger-I know that. There are so many great blogs with great pics,challenges and personal day to day happenings. I have learnt so much and look forward to reading about people I have never met.  What I like is the connection to so many great bloggers that I share a common interest or issue with. Sometimes it’s fun to talk about myself (oh How Vain!) but what I mean is to put my emotions /issues out there and it helps me sort things out-I don’t have a diary or journal. Sometimes I don’t have anything “new” to say…I’m boring, or just too lazy too write!

On another note I am still reading the 4 Day Win book and I think it takes more than 4 days for habits to changes, so practice practice practice…I will be kinder to my “wild child” and “dictator”  as the author puts it. I love it when I “get” what she is talking about…it’s sometimes scary but a relief and comfort to know there are thousands of women with the same issues which makes it easier to feel better about myself…and that’s what it’s all about afterall….feeling good about ourselves!

That’s it for me tonight, I had a great week, my hormones are my best friend. I will be seeing a new Naturapath in 2 weeks-I have to fill out 4 sheets full of questions about my health issues and other stuff ?? I should just let her read my blog…

National bean day…who knew???

That is what I said! I had no idea either…it so happens I had a bean salad for lunch today-it was so tasty and hit the spot or hole in my stomach. I was starved all morning, I did my 30 min interval cardio and some leg exercises, I had my banana shake for brekkie but it wasn’t enough so I finished all my lunch and snacks (apple and veggies) by 11:30am..thank goodness for our peanut dispenser at work…they held me over until I got home. I am addicted to salty peanuts and lukewarm coffee..yes at the same time…it’s been a few days I look forward to it  :O

I add chopped tomatoes, yellow pepper, celery, green onion, spinach and hot sauce over spinach with an apple cider dressing.

weight war?….I come in peace.

“We lose weight by gathering information, making rational rules, and imposing them  on ourselves with appropriate choices. Mind over matter right? It’s only logical. And tell me, how is that working for you? ” this quote from Four Day Win,the author Martha Beck has a great sense of humour and makes this book easy to relate to. She made me realise that not allowing myself to eat certain foods makes me afraid subconsciously. Evert time I resisted or forcefully controlled my body’s natural inclinations I created a weight war between my subconscious mind and conscious self. 

I see now that trying to diet keeps me disconnected from what my body and mind naturally need to be healthy and fit. This book states ” it  is meant to help you train your instincts and biology so that being healthy will be a team effort between your mind and its willing ally rather than its angry ,terrified,and seditious prisoner.”

The past few days for example my eating pattern has been different everyday, I’m trying to just eat what I know I enjoy and then I leave the rest to whatever I crave or feel like,…a cracker here and there, a piece of chocolate and a butter cookie…..I had that “sensation” of fear which makes me continue to eat more junk but then I asked myself, who or what am I afraid of ?? … there is NOBODY! ( it’s okay-as my husband always reassures me). I am kinder to myself, I come in peace. This is something I will need to practice.

week-end wrap up

I actually skiied…I DID IT…I couldn’t believe it, I was better than I thought…until I fell…oh well! The kids too just loved it-we were lucky it was mild and it snowed all week-end, there is something magical about being in the mountains with beautiful fresh snow falling and the lights just bright enough to see the slopes. I’m so glad I had a facial, scalp and foot massage, I think it was the best 1.5 hours spent alone. I always look forward to some quiet time and someone taking care of me 😉

thinner peace, an evolution….

I want it be an evolution …I want to evolve and gain thinner peace. I’m on Chapter 5 of the book 4 Day Win by Martha Beck and I recommend it for anyone who is tired of always thinking they “need to be on a diet” . It’s like reprogramming our thoughts in our brains to not fear food or our judgement …she talks about  healing our Famine Brain (effects of constant dieting, feeling deprived will keep you in a state of fear and starvation). This really makes sense to me…it is a valid reason why so many people never reach their goal-they are always starving.

I am enjoying the book so far, I hope to write about my progress here…..have a good night!


This number 2010 looks so futuristic to me…twenty ten…just sounds cool…Happy New Year!

I am blogging from my hotel room in Bromont Qc (the kids and DH are skiing..I’m not a skier, I’ll try snow blading  tomorrow).  I really wanted to just walk  and I did for 45 minutes-feels great!  I also booked myself a facial tomorrow at the spa…I know I’m spoiled!

I never had a New Years resolution before actually I did, I stopped  smoking  4 years ago…I wasn’t ready though I resented it but did it for my kids and husband. I could never stick to a “diet” it doesn’t feel right or make sense to me anymore…how can you constantly stay in a state of deprivation or dieters’ high…eventually your brain and body need to be in synch not work against eachother or else you gain it all back!

This year I want to listen to my “natural” voice, I hear it but I don’t listen…it speaks of love, wisdom, strength and patience.

 I really want to find a solution to balance my hormones…I brings me down and I always feel I have to do damage control after every cycle, it’s like starting over every month…I’m tired of it! I could complain  but it won’t fix anything, so I will be seeing a different naturapath to “cope” and “feel” better. I hope to get to the root of this issue and fast! See I don’t have patience….but I will learn to be patient and feel natural again!

The kids are back…love those cold red cheeks and runny noses…even my DH looks beat! I hope to take some nice pics tomorrow…

Have a great end to a first day of the year!