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A Merge…moving forward.

I just want to say that this blog is really becoming more of a task than a hobby if you know what I mean. I also am sharing my thoughts and ideas on my other blog on food which is mostly of recipes for my facebook friends. I have been spending more time over there and having 2 blogs is a lot of typing 😉

So you can visit me at

Wishing you all what your hearts desire,



who knew?

I am in awe of what I have seen happen with me the past 10 days. By elimintaing toxins and foods that give me indigestion, gas and acid which also cause allergies has really helped me feel calmer and crave less refined foods. I could have cake next to me and it’s invisible to me I am not drawn to eat it lately, the same for fried foods-just doesn’t appeal to me to eat it. But what I “think”  I would enjoy is a latte…yes a warm cup of milk with espresso…and then I can rememer the acid rising in my throat…so naa not ideal anymore. Have I really missed the food or just the idea of not having to have it? I have realised I do not look in the past anymore, I look forward towards a better more vital lifestyle. Some people tell me I always have eaten well and exercised already and yes I did but everyone has a different diet for their body and I know how food can influence my daily well being not only on a  physical level but on a mental level too. I am so happy I have an insight on my body’s needs and what works well for me. I encourage anyone to seek help or advice from Nathuropathic Dr’s  or Nutritionists. I truly believe to let food be your medicine. 

Be well and  have a great rest of the week-end.


Seriously I am in pain…my quads are killing me…but I LOOOOOVE that feeling…I did an intense lower body 10 minute set of different exercises…plie squats, lunges and other which I don’t know the names ;0

Last night for dinner I finally had some turkey meatballs in tomato sauce with zucchini “spaggetti”…I was the happiest camper! Does anyone else crave certain foods not necessarily junk food, but just “good” fresh ingredients? I haven’t craved sugar at all this week? Last week I did and my pms symptoms were very obvious…tender breasts, a liitle restless and sugar cravings. It felt great telling my Naturopath about everything I go through almost everyday due to a hormonal imbalance. This is caused by the adrenal glands not able to support “shock” or stress that I experienced in the past, so it decides to hold off my period-some people get ulcers or other diseases (cancer etc). So now my focus is nurturing my glands and liver because your liver has the toughest job to eliminate all the hormones through your feces (what? I know!!!) So I am doing a liver detox and taking supplements for my Adrenal glands, and starting next week I start taking my saliva every other day for the analysis to get the best reading of my hormonal cycle. Finally some hopeful news!

I am off to work soon-wishing everyone a great day!

Doctors Orders

I had my first consultation with a new Naturopath Doctor and she has made great recommendations for me in regards to my Hyperplasia condition. I will be doing a saliva test for the next month to see exactly how my hormone levels change from one day to the next…so she will see exactly which hormone I need for hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). I also have a new eating plan…I must eleiminate for the next 8 weeks caffeine,dairy (except yogurt BIO),sugar,soy,wheat and alcohol…basicallyeating  a lot of natural unprocessed foods.  I don’t mind too much except how do I get around eating out or at someone house…bring my own food…I’ll have to. This session and test cost me $665 so I better get the most accurate reading to benefit. 

Yesterday I ate:

m1-green tea, 1/2cup oats, peanut butter,ground flaxseeds and cinnamon

m2-1 cup cut up veggies…cuks and carrots and another Green tea

m3-asian veggie  mix and turkey stir fry with chile thai spices, and an apple 

m4 -yogurt  and peanut butter..I am missing my whey powder…but I’ll get used to it.

m5-tilapia w/parsley and lemon, cauliflower and peas with my homemade Korma sauce-no cream…tomato sauce,curry, garam masala etc and 1/2 cup chicken fried rice..YUMMY this satisfied my craving of salt and fat.

I felt amazing and was not hungry for more food after dinner, I am in PMS but better this week than last week. I love trying new recipes so I will experiment to satisfy my cravings. I could still have dark chocolate :))) 

I already feel there is hope to getting and feeling better….I can do this, one day at a time.

week-end wrap up

A lot went on this week-end…I love when we get to socialize, run errands and still have time to relax….

We went to dog training classes for our little pooch, it was so interesting and we are trying to do our best to apply the obedience techniques but it is very hard when Stella is so little (1.7kg) and she looks so fragile and innocent, I don’t know if she’ll “get it”! Apparantly pups as of 5 or 7 months old will want to go out and do their business…well my little fur ball is afraid of the cold…she shivers and runs inside…she’s too cute though!  She is getting spayed this morning, I don’t know what to expect, I hope she’ll recover quickly. 

We had our post Christmas/NY party with our circle of family friends and it was nice to get together…and the brunch was so perfect and plentiful.

I got to cuddle last night with my favorite little man with my new throw blanket(yesterday’s x-mas gift) as we watched tv. I also watched the Golden Global Awards..I enjoy seeing what women wear…some gowns are just gorgeous and so elegant and some well not so much. Remember Cher…I mean she has had so much work done it’s so obvious she is afraid to age gracefully or at all…it looks like she has a mask over her face and even her hair looked so fake…we had a good laugh…sorry just our opinion.

I got to do 2 cardio sessions this week-end but no strength training 😦  I will focus on that this week, I am aiming for 3 sessions I know I could do it. Food wise I had everything my heart desired…tonight for dinner I will be making Pad Thai with turkey and frozen Asian veggies, really quick and packed with flavor. I’ll post a pic ….

have a great day 🙂

eat what you love and love what you eat

I’ve read this quote in KatieP’s post from an another book/author(sorry I don’t know how to link stuff) I realized something. I always eat what I love  but love what I eat too? not always …. When I stuff myself with “junk” that I love I don’t love it anymore -it repluses me (for awhile…and then I gain weight and the cycle continues?) This is the challenge…eat what you love and love what you eat …at the same time…so to stop before I get sick… I will be very aware of my hunger cues and how little I need to be full. I feel more natural and honest with myself…if it feels right or good do it, if it doesn’t don’t.  That’s it…thinner peace!

curiosity killed the cat…

I weighed myself this morning….OMG….yes that’s what I said and then I said Sh*t…I really got fat this month! Well what else can I expect….I have had a feast of foods all of December. I looked back at my food journal of last  Spring when I ate well …I had better eating habits. I did have a hard time during PMS but I managed to play with 2-3 lbs every cycle. It went down hill after summer vacations…

So now I am making notes of my recipes and meals that work for me that make me feel good. For example I had 2 pcs of dark chocolate and 2 tbsp peanut butter after dinner and it satisfies me, another favorite I forgot about ….cottage cheese, chocolate protein powder and 1 tsp almond butter again it was filling and a comfort food as a snack for me. I still enjoy my spinach shakes and oatmeal. It’s been awhile since I’ve had eggs for breakfast I prefer eating them in the summer scrambled with fresh tomatoes and herbs. I have been trying new recipes- that’s what I like to do and then I get to eat it 🙂   I made an amazing zucchini cream cheese ..aka “risotto”…and Chilean sea bass. Also crispy kale chips..seriously crunchy and fun to munch on!

For now I will take ownership of my weight…it’s not the worst thing that could have happened , but I know I don’t feel like myself at this weight so I am” naturally” making better food choices, I’m confident things will get better, I am “watching” out for myself. (this is a reference to the 4 day Win book I am reading) .