Living through Eating for your Best Life


Michael's Confirmation June 1,2009 015Hello and welcome to my blog. Here is where I will write about my passions in life….my family, my health and cooking!

I have tried for the past few years to keep fit and get my  “eating” clean and all along struggling with body issues. I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance (low progesterone) this summer which had been the root problem of my disordered eating during PMS. I am learning to cope with this condition and finding refuge in nutritious and simple clean recipes. I believe a healthy body starts with a healthy mind so eat up some good ideas!

I have a loving husband and 2 spirited young children. They bring me so much joy and purpose in my life and all I want to do is offer them the best of me. I am living my best life and want to share this with everyone especially with family and friends.



  Shelley wrote @

Hi Cathy

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I noticed from your old blog that you live in Montreal. I’ll be in the vicinity over Christmas 2010 with my family. We’re taking another leap and living overseas for 7 or 8 months so maybe we could catch up for a chat and cuppa??

  cathy769 wrote @

Hi Shelley,
Yes how exciting! How far from Montreal, which town or suburb?

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