Living through Eating for your Best Life

who knew?

I am in awe of what I have seen happen with me the past 10 days. By elimintaing toxins and foods that give me indigestion, gas and acid which also cause allergies has really helped me feel calmer and crave less refined foods. I could have cake next to me and it’s invisible to me I am not drawn to eat it lately, the same for fried foods-just doesn’t appeal to me to eat it. But what I “think”  I would enjoy is a latte…yes a warm cup of milk with espresso…and then I can rememer the acid rising in my throat…so naa not ideal anymore. Have I really missed the food or just the idea of not having to have it? I have realised I do not look in the past anymore, I look forward towards a better more vital lifestyle. Some people tell me I always have eaten well and exercised already and yes I did but everyone has a different diet for their body and I know how food can influence my daily well being not only on a  physical level but on a mental level too. I am so happy I have an insight on my body’s needs and what works well for me. I encourage anyone to seek help or advice from Nathuropathic Dr’s  or Nutritionists. I truly believe to let food be your medicine. 

Be well and  have a great rest of the week-end.


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