Living through Eating for your Best Life


Seriously I am in pain…my quads are killing me…but I LOOOOOVE that feeling…I did an intense lower body 10 minute set of different exercises…plie squats, lunges and other which I don’t know the names ;0

Last night for dinner I finally had some turkey meatballs in tomato sauce with zucchini “spaggetti”…I was the happiest camper! Does anyone else crave certain foods not necessarily junk food, but just “good” fresh ingredients? I haven’t craved sugar at all this week? Last week I did and my pms symptoms were very obvious…tender breasts, a liitle restless and sugar cravings. It felt great telling my Naturopath about everything I go through almost everyday due to a hormonal imbalance. This is caused by the adrenal glands not able to support “shock” or stress that I experienced in the past, so it decides to hold off my period-some people get ulcers or other diseases (cancer etc). So now my focus is nurturing my glands and liver because your liver has the toughest job to eliminate all the hormones through your feces (what? I know!!!) So I am doing a liver detox and taking supplements for my Adrenal glands, and starting next week I start taking my saliva every other day for the analysis to get the best reading of my hormonal cycle. Finally some hopeful news!

I am off to work soon-wishing everyone a great day!


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