Living through Eating for your Best Life

Doctors Orders

I had my first consultation with a new Naturopath Doctor and she has made great recommendations for me in regards to my Hyperplasia condition. I will be doing a saliva test for the next month to see exactly how my hormone levels change from one day to the next…so she will see exactly which hormone I need for hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). I also have a new eating plan…I must eleiminate for the next 8 weeks caffeine,dairy (except yogurt BIO),sugar,soy,wheat and alcohol…basicallyeating  a lot of natural unprocessed foods.  I don’t mind too much except how do I get around eating out or at someone house…bring my own food…I’ll have to. This session and test cost me $665 so I better get the most accurate reading to benefit. 

Yesterday I ate:

m1-green tea, 1/2cup oats, peanut butter,ground flaxseeds and cinnamon

m2-1 cup cut up veggies…cuks and carrots and another Green tea

m3-asian veggie  mix and turkey stir fry with chile thai spices, and an apple 

m4 -yogurt  and peanut butter..I am missing my whey powder…but I’ll get used to it.

m5-tilapia w/parsley and lemon, cauliflower and peas with my homemade Korma sauce-no cream…tomato sauce,curry, garam masala etc and 1/2 cup chicken fried rice..YUMMY this satisfied my craving of salt and fat.

I felt amazing and was not hungry for more food after dinner, I am in PMS but better this week than last week. I love trying new recipes so I will experiment to satisfy my cravings. I could still have dark chocolate :))) 

I already feel there is hope to getting and feeling better….I can do this, one day at a time.


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