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week-end wrap up

A lot went on this week-end…I love when we get to socialize, run errands and still have time to relax….

We went to dog training classes for our little pooch, it was so interesting and we are trying to do our best to apply the obedience techniques but it is very hard when Stella is so little (1.7kg) and she looks so fragile and innocent, I don’t know if she’ll “get it”! Apparantly pups as of 5 or 7 months old will want to go out and do their business…well my little fur ball is afraid of the cold…she shivers and runs inside…she’s too cute though!  She is getting spayed this morning, I don’t know what to expect, I hope she’ll recover quickly. 

We had our post Christmas/NY party with our circle of family friends and it was nice to get together…and the brunch was so perfect and plentiful.

I got to cuddle last night with my favorite little man with my new throw blanket(yesterday’s x-mas gift) as we watched tv. I also watched the Golden Global Awards..I enjoy seeing what women wear…some gowns are just gorgeous and so elegant and some well not so much. Remember Cher…I mean she has had so much work done it’s so obvious she is afraid to age gracefully or at all…it looks like she has a mask over her face and even her hair looked so fake…we had a good laugh…sorry just our opinion.

I got to do 2 cardio sessions this week-end but no strength training 😦  I will focus on that this week, I am aiming for 3 sessions I know I could do it. Food wise I had everything my heart desired…tonight for dinner I will be making Pad Thai with turkey and frozen Asian veggies, really quick and packed with flavor. I’ll post a pic ….

have a great day 🙂


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