Living through Eating for your Best Life

curiosity killed the cat…

I weighed myself this morning….OMG….yes that’s what I said and then I said Sh*t…I really got fat this month! Well what else can I expect….I have had a feast of foods all of December. I looked back at my food journal of last  Spring when I ate well …I had better eating habits. I did have a hard time during PMS but I managed to play with 2-3 lbs every cycle. It went down hill after summer vacations…

So now I am making notes of my recipes and meals that work for me that make me feel good. For example I had 2 pcs of dark chocolate and 2 tbsp peanut butter after dinner and it satisfies me, another favorite I forgot about ….cottage cheese, chocolate protein powder and 1 tsp almond butter again it was filling and a comfort food as a snack for me. I still enjoy my spinach shakes and oatmeal. It’s been awhile since I’ve had eggs for breakfast I prefer eating them in the summer scrambled with fresh tomatoes and herbs. I have been trying new recipes- that’s what I like to do and then I get to eat it 🙂   I made an amazing zucchini cream cheese ..aka “risotto”…and Chilean sea bass. Also crispy kale chips..seriously crunchy and fun to munch on!

For now I will take ownership of my weight…it’s not the worst thing that could have happened , but I know I don’t feel like myself at this weight so I am” naturally” making better food choices, I’m confident things will get better, I am “watching” out for myself. (this is a reference to the 4 day Win book I am reading) .


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