Living through Eating for your Best Life

Bad Blogger

I’m not a very good blogger-I know that. There are so many great blogs with great pics,challenges and personal day to day happenings. I have learnt so much and look forward to reading about people I have never met.  What I like is the connection to so many great bloggers that I share a common interest or issue with. Sometimes it’s fun to talk about myself (oh How Vain!) but what I mean is to put my emotions /issues out there and it helps me sort things out-I don’t have a diary or journal. Sometimes I don’t have anything “new” to say…I’m boring, or just too lazy too write!

On another note I am still reading the 4 Day Win book and I think it takes more than 4 days for habits to changes, so practice practice practice…I will be kinder to my “wild child” and “dictator”  as the author puts it. I love it when I “get” what she is talking about…it’s sometimes scary but a relief and comfort to know there are thousands of women with the same issues which makes it easier to feel better about myself…and that’s what it’s all about afterall….feeling good about ourselves!

That’s it for me tonight, I had a great week, my hormones are my best friend. I will be seeing a new Naturapath in 2 weeks-I have to fill out 4 sheets full of questions about my health issues and other stuff ?? I should just let her read my blog…


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