Living through Eating for your Best Life

weight war?….I come in peace.

“We lose weight by gathering information, making rational rules, and imposing them  on ourselves with appropriate choices. Mind over matter right? It’s only logical. And tell me, how is that working for you? ” this quote from Four Day Win,the author Martha Beck has a great sense of humour and makes this book easy to relate to. She made me realise that not allowing myself to eat certain foods makes me afraid subconsciously. Evert time I resisted or forcefully controlled my body’s natural inclinations I created a weight war between my subconscious mind and conscious self. 

I see now that trying to diet keeps me disconnected from what my body and mind naturally need to be healthy and fit. This book states ” it  is meant to help you train your instincts and biology so that being healthy will be a team effort between your mind and its willing ally rather than its angry ,terrified,and seditious prisoner.”

The past few days for example my eating pattern has been different everyday, I’m trying to just eat what I know I enjoy and then I leave the rest to whatever I crave or feel like,…a cracker here and there, a piece of chocolate and a butter cookie…..I had that “sensation” of fear which makes me continue to eat more junk but then I asked myself, who or what am I afraid of ?? … there is NOBODY! ( it’s okay-as my husband always reassures me). I am kinder to myself, I come in peace. This is something I will need to practice.


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Sounds like a smart author! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

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