Living through Eating for your Best Life


This number 2010 looks so futuristic to me…twenty ten…just sounds cool…Happy New Year!

I am blogging from my hotel room in Bromont Qc (the kids and DH are skiing..I’m not a skier, I’ll try snow blading  tomorrow).  I really wanted to just walk  and I did for 45 minutes-feels great!  I also booked myself a facial tomorrow at the spa…I know I’m spoiled!

I never had a New Years resolution before actually I did, I stopped  smoking  4 years ago…I wasn’t ready though I resented it but did it for my kids and husband. I could never stick to a “diet” it doesn’t feel right or make sense to me anymore…how can you constantly stay in a state of deprivation or dieters’ high…eventually your brain and body need to be in synch not work against eachother or else you gain it all back!

This year I want to listen to my “natural” voice, I hear it but I don’t listen…it speaks of love, wisdom, strength and patience.

 I really want to find a solution to balance my hormones…I brings me down and I always feel I have to do damage control after every cycle, it’s like starting over every month…I’m tired of it! I could complain  but it won’t fix anything, so I will be seeing a different naturapath to “cope” and “feel” better. I hope to get to the root of this issue and fast! See I don’t have patience….but I will learn to be patient and feel natural again!

The kids are back…love those cold red cheeks and runny noses…even my DH looks beat! I hope to take some nice pics tomorrow…

Have a great end to a first day of the year!


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