Living through Eating for your Best Life

bye bye 2009…hello 2010!

 This is Christmas Day at my in laws, I notice the kids are getting taller and bigger and this picture is more difficult to get everyone in-thank goodness for little Stella…she doesn’t take up any room …my little fur ball!

The week-end was so much fun, we spent so much time with my brother and sisters’  families, the kids had sleep overs and we went out for brunch and a movie..Sherlock Holmes…pleasanlty surprised…not what I expected, it was captivating, a lot of  violence though, not boring at all.

This week is flying by, we are off to ski on Friday for the week-end…the kids are super excited!

I haven’t gotten TOM yet??  it is late and it made me nuts this cycle…I’m tired and lazy and I ate too much-I want to eat more natural foods in 2010, that is one of my goals. I never have a New Year’s resolution because half way through I give up or forget about is usually to lose weight but then it feels like a restrictive “diet”  and that’s not healthy or a natural way for me… it never lasts with my PMS…it’s brutal to always feel deprived of what your body naturally needs. I will keep fit and find new recipes with more raw and less processed foods and even my cookies will be homemade….I love to bake and create! 

This card was the best Gift I received from my kids…

…awwwwe….too cute!!

I am still loving my morning Cardio…I got a new recumbant  bike from Santa…I must have been a real good girl 😉

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and a wonderful start to a New Year…wishing everyone peace, comfort and joy…



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  Increase Quality of your Life wrote @

woow, beautiful family. that give me inspiration in my life. thanks for sharing.

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