Living through Eating for your Best Life

just okay

So happy to have had my eggnogg coffee yesterday but it wasn’t as good as I remembered it too be…that’s what happens when you think you shouldn’t have something rich to eat you create an expectation of euphoria…and then…oh it’s just okay! The same thing with my chocolate pecan aka turtles treat I ate for dessert after spicy Indian food…I know these feelings and insatiable appetite are all due to pms…I was so bored with the food afterall…crazy I know!!! 

 Aside from my issues we had a good day yesterday, it was sunny and not too cold, we finished our Christmas shopping and decided to just rent a few movies…The Soloist and Slumdog Millionaire(which I didn’t mind to watch again but ended up falling asleep). We picked up a new popcorn maker seeing microwaveable popcorn is really bad for you-I had all these creative ideas to make my popcorn sweet and salty but I was too tired, so we ate it plain with some butter.

I hope this week won’t be too busy at work…the kids are off as of Tuesday….then I want to bake a cheesecake for Christmas day …I hope it turns out right!! I sometimes wish I could make desserts with less refined sugar and flour but I don’t know how my family will react…some adults would appreciate and  probably be open to try a more natural dessert with tofu,dark chocolate,dates and nuts but the kids not so much!!

Today I want to take a stroll in my neighborhood and visit some shops and maybe grab a warm coffee by the Pier.  

I hope to have a full week (and belly) of fun festivities….wishing you all the same!


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