Living through Eating for your Best Life

what to say??

I sometimes don’t know what to write about because when I began blogging last Spring it was all about  “losing weight”. I now have  other views on keeping fit and obsessing about food and weight is not one of them. I will always enjoy food and exercise and it is a positive aspect in my life-it is not all of my Life. I don’t want to be that person always having to struggle with weight gain or loss on a daily basis, calorie counting and other rules of “dieting”  because they only create self image issues. I lose a lot of valuable energy that takes away from my peace of mind which in the end brings me more sadness, so I know it’s not for me.

I have been having fun with our new puppy, she brought so much joy and love into our house..she is an important part of the family!

I have been baking and enjoying the Holiday traditions and can’t wait for our Christmas Eve dinner at my mom’s with only fish and seafood for dinner..following tradition, Italians don’t eat meat on the Eve- a spectacular feast of 7 fish at least!  We are usually about 21-23 at the dinner table…yes a very loooonng table setting I hope to continue this as I grow up 😉   Christmas Day we spend it with my in laws, now here we are only 10 but we have food for 100…it’s tooooo much, so I always get leftover 🙂

We are leaving for 3 days to a Mountain Ski Resort, the kids really want to ski and I just to see them have fun with there rosy cheeks and runny noses…I will not be downhill skiing….yes I’m afraid and the idea of it just petrifies me, so I will be on the bunny hill taking lessons or just keeping warm under a blankie.

I think this part of the winter season is fun and with the cold and snow you have to embrace it and make it fun…so keep warm, make hot chocolate and bake cinnamon coffee cake and relax!


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