Living through Eating for your Best Life

Sexy back

I gotta love my hormones at this time of my cycle…I am mid month and feeling the looove….all I wanna do is have some fun, and fun I had! I wish I felt like this everday confident, calm and connected to myself. The next 2 weeks will  probably be up and down as usual-Idon’t fight it I go with the flow and try to keep a good perspective because I know it will pass, at least it’s Christams time and I’ll be busy at work, the kids and parties!

Apart from all that I did get more Christmas shopping done Friday night and yesterday and we had our company Christmas Party last night-it was at an Italian restaurant and the food was fairly good and I was starved when I got to eat and eat I did 🙂  

 Today my sisters and mom are coming over and will meet Stella bella, they are not dog or animal people but their kids love puppies and I’m sure once they see her they too will love her!  So I will do some cardio and free weights this morning and make a huge pot of vegetable soup for my daily lunch at workthis week-I gotta have my veggies everyday.


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