Living through Eating for your Best Life


Good morning! I feel energized and am having breakfast with all my family this morning at the same time which never happens during the week. We all get up and leave at different times…I am lucky I get to see everyone out of the house, but this morning we were all up at 6:30 am with Stella ofcourse! She is doing so well-exceptt not house broken yet, she doesn’t cry during the night, I got her a big cozy blanket which she loves to snuggle in!

I have been doing well with my food  lately…I still think about what I want to do to stay fit and healthy and it’s becoming easier and easier to do. I believe I can eat whatever I want and I don’t have to exercise everyday. I believe there is no diet that will make me happy. I believe in a food lifestyle that should feel natural. I believe that I am capable of being positive during PMS and eating chocolate. I believe even though I am getting older I sometimes carry myself with a “youthful” spirited heart and see everything for for the first time with excitement as my kids do.


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  KatieP wrote @

I am thankful for you ~ you inspire me.
Sending lots of love your way ♥

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