Living through Eating for your Best Life

it’s all good!

I am finally into a good routine with my Cardio and free weights lately. I have trouble sometimes to get both done because …life (or other more urgent things) come up and I don’t get to do both at the same time. I also don’t feel bad as much but when I do it feels like a big accomplishment.  Yesterday I did both cardio and free weights and I planned to some cardio this morning BUT my puppy Stella had us up allllll night!! I was awake at 2am from her cries…she made us so sad, Tony finally got up and stayed with her a little and then she seemed less lonely and he put her in another room but still in her cage as they recommended is most comforting to her. So I didn’t get much sleep and no cardio either-tonight it’s off to bed early and up early for EMC (let’s hope anyways!)

We had a great week-end with Stella..she awoke Saturday with this energy and is so playful and attached to us…see loves to be combed and caressed (who doesn’t right??) She’s not much of a walker-probably will get used to it slowly and she’s not house broken either…eeks…it still grosses me out but I love her!  We have no clue about pups and are going for training courses with her in January…I hope we’ll manage. I never was a dog person…now it’s different because she is like a baby for me and I am very maternal -I like to take “care and nurture” people and now animals!  Funny how I think I know myself and then I realize I am forever evolving and learning new things about myself…it’s pretty interesting…Life is Good!

I wanted to create a new recipe this week-end…didn’t happen though I was distracted by “puppy love” all week-end.  I want to make chocolate muffins with oat and soy flour and pumpkin puree (I know they will taste great) I’ll try to keep the sugar low by using agave and cocoa powder. This girl needs her chocolate fix 🙂

Hope you all had a nice week-end!


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