Living through Eating for your Best Life

no no no…shut up already

I realized I don’t have any “sweets” in my home like other people or mom’s do. I only have granola bars for my kids dessert for school-their only treat of the day….no crackers, never candy or junk!  I have my stash of dark 75% chocolate and that is it. The first reason is I don’t want my kids to over do it and eat sooo much of that junk  but I mainly do it for me too-I had to stop and limit the amount of junk that comes into my house because I would devour it all in a week just like my kids!!! So what does that say about me?? I don’t know and you know what I don’t care anyomore..haha. Now I love my chocolate everynight it gives me a sense of relief and comfort knowing I can eat it-nothing wrong with that! I say freedom because I always hear my “fat voice” saying no no no…you can’t have it, and that only creates a sense of loss and fear of trusting myself again. I am able to have my 3 sometimes 4 squares of chocolate and be content. I still have a hard time  during PMS -but I don’t hear no no no, it’s always yes yes yes… :)) and I just go with it.  I hope to let go of all the “fat” talk we always hear because down deep I know there is more to us than our physical beauty

TOM finally arrived so I am relieved it came on time. Yesterday I ate vegetarian all day….My morning started with a shake of Almond milk spinach banana and hemp protein, veggies and fruit for snacks, lunch was Pumpkin Coconut soup (the best I have ever made-will post recipe tomorrow) and Veggie burgers you see above with sweet potato fries and salad….I did feel great all day! Today I missed my yogurt too much-it’s so good for me! I haven’t eaten red meat or pork in a couple of months…I use chicken, turkey, fish and seafood as animal protein. This morning I did 30 min of Cardio and 20 minutes of weights….I was impressed with myself because I just wanted to do some weights but then ended up doing both…yay me!

I am eating more veggies and dark chocolate and I am getting the best of both worlds-at least I think so ;0 

I had a lot to say all random I know….that’s it for now,have a nice evening!


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