Living through Eating for your Best Life

Cooking raw?

That sounds like a contradiction right ? well almost because I have found I enjoy my food half raw and cooked. I made like great quinoa dish!

All the veggies are raw (celery,green onion,zucchini,red pepper,mushrooms, parsley,seasonings,garlic,olive oil and lemon juice) and I cooked the quinoa for 15 minutes and just mixed all together at room temperature.

It was fresh and I really craved something healthy, body was telling me it what it needed. I am glad my PMS  symptoms have calmed down some. I am having imported Equador dark chocolate (74% ) every night after supper-I don’t deprive myself of it,  it actually helps me relax-there is no better substitutions than the real stuff! 

I haven’t done my cardio since Saturday, but tonight I am looking forward to a good “sweat” !!

It feels good to be “normal” again- my normal self I mean. I am looking for natural remedies for my PMS, I have gotten a few recommendations I wonder how other women deal with PMS?


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