Living through Eating for your Best Life


I know we know we should be grateful but are we really? I forget -I get consumed with all of life’s little details and obligations that I don’t take the time to look around me and be thankful for my privledged life. I am not talking about my home,work, car & material possessions, I am talking about the people and human interactions I am fortunate to have. I could think about the things I would want to change about myself but I really really really don’t think I would (except lose 5lb 😉 ). I am not the most beautiful person -hmm or am I? I look into my daughters eyes and see her spirit and her smile lights up the room and at that moment I feel something BIGGER than beautiful. This is what I am grateful for-I know and experience beauty everywhere-that is what really makes me happy and matters to me. I have a family and a group of friends that if I didn’t have them around I would have nothing-even with all the beautiful shoes and purses I have!!  

I had to work yesterday after all, a girl called in sick with the flu so I had to go replace her-which I didn’t mind because Tony stayed home with the kids. I also had a conversation with a colleague who I’ve known for 15 years and he is going through a rough period in his marriage-he says he has lost himself the past few years (kids, work etc). I felt sad and compassion for him and was happy to talk to him and I truly hope he finds happiness again with himself and his wife.

The week-end will be a fun one-not because of  “New Moon” on Sunday, but also I am having a girls day at the Spa on Saturday-a hot stone massage which I sooo need this time of year!

Hope you have a great week-end!



  KatieP wrote @

You are the most beautiful person to me and I have never even met you so you must be spectacularly gorgeous to your family and friends. ♥ wrote @

Thank you Katie, you are so sweet.

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