Living through Eating for your Best Life

New Moon….madness!

Look at what I found at the Health Store for my kids….Brown rice crackers -sour cream flavored…..a better choice over potato chips-they really are crunchy and light!

Every week I try to purchase a new item to change up my food plan. I am staying away from red meat except for bison once a month, and eating more protein from plant based foods. I tried veggie burgers last week and I was surprised on how tasty they were. I don’t think I can ever be 100% Vegetarian or Vegan because I love fish, chicken and yogurt too much oh yes and anything chocolate.  

 My kids (and me too) are soooo excited about Twilight’s New Moon coming out today…I would have brought the kids today but hubby wants to come too so we’ll have to wait until Sunday….sigh…..I love watching movies in the theatre….the darkness and no interruptions, the smell of buttery popcorn and my hubby’s diet Coke ( I never have soda except there)-even the loudness I can almost tolerate if I like the music!

I am home with the kids today and tomorrow-no school AGAIN. I think I’ll clean up my closet and get rid of some clothes to make room for new ones 😉

Have a wonderful day :))




  threehannas wrote @

I love finding fun & healthy stuff for my little man! It keeps him interested : )
He is one of the only kiddo’s that I know that will pick the apple over the processed stuff when he is given the choice. I’m a proud mama!
Don’t get me wrong though – he is 4 and certainly loves his sweets too!

  threehannas wrote @

I don’t know why my comments don’t link back to my blog : (

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