Living through Eating for your Best Life

who does that???

eggsme that’s who! We drove 1 hour to Massena NY to do some shopping for Fage  and Oikos Greek yogurt and Chabot cottage cheese-yeah it’s that good! I can’t find any here in Montreal so I knew where I could stock up! My husband  and I like to just get up and go and Saturday he asks, how about we go something today? We decided to go to Massena, yes we need our passports, only 1 hour away but so worth it because we did some shopping and found some yummy eats too.  

Tonight for dinner I had the weirdest craving….I had a fried egg and dipped my toast in the yolk (yes I’m 5 years old), peanut butter, cottage cheese and banana cream pudding and cereal….I know Breakfast!?!   My kids asked if we could all have breakfast for dinner..eggs,pancakes, potatoes,ham and beans….I said  YEAAAHHH, Daddy makes the best breakfast anyway!

Tomorrow I hope to do my Cardio again, missed it all week-and Tuesday I finally get to meet the Homepath which she had changed our appointment  from last week. I started the progesterone cream on Saturday (for the next 2 weeks) I have been feeling fine no big mood swings :))   

Hope you all had a nice week-end!


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  traynharder23 wrote @

breakfast for dinner sounds AMAZING! =D

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