Living through Eating for your Best Life


Yup that’s how I feel this morning. DH (Tony)  and I had a Dinner/Fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer last night, we got back home at 1:30pm and it was 3 am when I finally settled in bed to sleep so this morning I feel totally exhausted and my throat still hurts. I feel hung over-I only had 1 drink before I ate but I was soooo happy, dinner was mediocre so I had to eat bread to satisfy my hunger then my belly was full. The kids slept over at my in laws so I need to pick them up and run an errand, but what I really want to do is NOTHING-just lie down and rest all day and have a nice bowl of soup full of veggies. Tonight again we are going to my sis’s home it is her birthday so we are having dinner there-she has Sushi for appetizers…mmm I love sushi…can’t wait to enjoy a few pieces.  She always has good eats, her mother in law and my mom bring stuff to feed all of us so I always am a happy camper. I won’t go overboard with the junk or don’t think I’ll have any issues until pms , I still haven’t craved chocolate or sweets so that is easy. No Cardio today-need to rest. I want to start the resistance bands this Monday-I promise I ‘ll start and my son wants to Box with me on the Wii as I challenged him to a game?!! It’s fun to get fit with someone. 

So 2 things I need to focus on this week:

1:start resistance training with exercise bands

2: find a homepathic to get some remedies as PMS will soon approach

I’m off to start the day with some oatmeal, pumkin puree,seeds,4 spice mix, dried prunes and walnuts….a powerhouse of a dish!lentil soup 002      



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