Living through Eating for your Best Life

a great beginning…

I have so many things going on at the same time it gets difficult to get it all done. I look forward to blogging as it gives me a chance to write what I want how I want it ! All my frustrations and worries are left here and it feels good. Sometimes I get encouragement and get inspiration from other bloggers, it’s funny how we can all connect in Blog World! 

I had a really good week and TOM arrived this week-end which I LOVE-yes I do , why? because I feel so much better , my progesterone levels are back up and I can accomplish anything. My cravings and compulsive eating is gone-I had no problem with Halloween treats being all around me BUT there always is a but, I can’t say what will happen in 10 days…you see every month my cycle is different….aren’t I lucky??

So I make sure I eat  well and exercise. I am still  doing  Cardio first thing after my java jolt and then my brekkie in a blender ofcourse I drink up my spinach greens, hemp protein, 1/2 banana, tons of cinnamon and ground flax seeds. I also take my omega capsules with it and the I’m out the door feeling fresh and revived. 

I will try Mung Bean (tofu) noodles for dinner tonight-will experiment with some veggies…I love my good eats!

have a great day…




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